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Guemes Island History Project

Preserving and recording the history of beautiful Guemes Island, Washington

Photo Collection

View the Wash. Rural Heritage photo collection of unique images documenting the growth and development of Guemes Island.

Oral Histories

The stories of Guemes Island residents are told by them in these oral history recordings and transcripts.

The Smelter Saga

In 1966, Northwest Aluminum Company wanted to build an Aluminum plant on Guemes Island!

Guemes Tide  & Evening Star 

The Evening Star (1995-2009) and The Guemes Tide (2010-2016) were "published to connect, inform, amuse, serve, and inspire our island community." 

The Life of Bubbles

Henrietta Blaisdell, 1903-1995, was better known as "Bubbles" and in her later life as "Bubble." She was a very talented artist and an avid explorer who was loved by many.

Guemes Beachcomber

The Guemes Beachcomber was the official paper of Guemes Island and was available by subscription for 5 cents a copy. Charley L. Gant was the newspaper's editor.

Guemes Musicians

Learn about and listen to some of the talented musicians that came from Guemes Island.

Clippings & Misc.

View newspaper clippings & ephemera that feature Guemes Island.

Memories Nights

Watch some local history from Guemes Islanders, as told at 'Memories Nights.'

Environmental Trust

Guemes Island Environmental Trust is an island-based group that deals with challenges to the integrity of our environment. They published a newsletter from 1989-1996, and collected documents about their efforts.

Anderson's General Store

Anderson's Store was opened by Win and Elaine Anderson in June, 1998 near the site of Guemes Island's first market. Their moto was, "If we don't have it, we'll explain how you can get along without it."

Guemes Island Mailboxes

Guemes Island is home to many creative islanders. Some have taken their creativity out onto the streets with brightly colored and uniquely designed mailboxes. They are sure to make you smile!